Enterprise solution for complex sales

SalesHawk® is an enterprise software system that enables an organization to solve many sales and marketing challenges that are currently left to individual effort. Data-centric systems, such as CRM systems, are not able to appropriately address these challenges, because sales functions are fuzzy, dynamic, and action-centric.

For your entire sales ecosystem, from sales professionals to customers, from back-office support to corporate executives, SalesHawk delivers:

  • Visibility: A transparent, holistic, and integrated environment

  • Control: Mechanisms to launch initiatives, influence processes, and leverage opportunities

  • Intelligence: Knowledge, insight, and analytics

  • Teamwork: The means to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate

  • Enablement: Professional tools and enabling technologies

Your company’s life with SalesHawk

Corporate executives
  • Comprehensive 360° business views
  • Scenario builders
  • Means to drive change
Sales reps
  • Intelligent, real-time product solutions
  • Customized and personalized selling materials
  • Means to ramp-up quickly and reach quota faster
Back office team
  • Seamless communication with sales ecosystem
  • Real-time issue tracking to efficiently correct errors
  • Meaningful insights and analysis
  • Control over messaging and corporate image
  • One-stop source for industry, corporate, and business-critical information
  • Collaboration tools for sales and sales channel partners
Sales management
  • Coaching tools to reinforce best practices
  • Pipeline and forecasting tools
  • Means to strategically manage resources