Driven by Understanding®

Founded in 1996, XFI spent years in the development of an artificial-intelligence (AI) technology called Xference® that transforms the art of decision-making. Based on expert systems and fuzzy logic, Xference supplies data, information, understanding, analysis, advice, and organization to the decision process. XFI received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granting substantial coverage on the Xference technology.

In 2001, XFI was selected as the winning technology partner for General Motors’ Auto Choice Advisor (ACA) initiative. Acting as a trusted advisor, this application recommends new vehicles to consumers based on their subjective and objective wants and needs. ACA was chosen as a finalist for MIT’s 2002 eBusiness Sloan Award in the Business Transformation category.

In 2002, XFI was selected as the winning technology provider for GM’s Global BuyPower initiative to supply vehicle selection, advice, and comparison tools to consumers in 40 countries.

In 2003, XFI launched SalesHawk®, a line of business-to-business software for intelligent sales. SalesHawk transforms the way manufacturers sell, service, and compete. In 2008 through 2014, XFI expanded its SalesHawk product line by launching applications for technology, financial services, insurance, and life science verticals.

For the past three years, XFI’s primary focus has been developing technology for the delivery of novel diagnostics and therapeutics in critical healthcare fields such as oncology. Starting in 2015, XFI shifted its focus from business-to-business to patient-direct solutions, currently code-named Zatient®.

Zatient is an AI-based healthcare application for use by patients, families, and healthcare practitioners. Zatient applies XFI’s knowledge and experiences over the past 20 years to patient decision-making. Zatient will deliver clear, unbiased information relevant to the patient’s specific condition and sensitive to the patient’s and family’s personal value system and preferences. Zatient will guide, inspire, and enable patients to better understand and participate in high-quality healthcare decisions.